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The Sierra Pacific Consulting Methodology 

We teach, consult and implement industry proven strategies to help you master SALES, in order to bring new revenue into your business. We help perfect SERVICE delivery in order to provide your clients with what they need at the right time. We help streamline FINANCE in order to grow and scale your IT & MSP business.

We help identify your audience, develop your sales process, and build a predictable structure so you can attract, nurture, and win new clients; all while empowering your team to go above and beyond with best practices.


We help automate processes so you can manage your team effectively in order to deliver exceptional service. We transform a constant influx of client issues into an efficient communication system with the right tools and procedures.


We help streamline your IT & MSP business by using tools to measure your finances, execute changes, and leverage your valuable resources in an effort to project where your IT & MSP business will be financially, giving you the insight to scale.

Six Steps To Success With Sierra Pacific Consulting



Our first interaction with your company is simple. We schedule a no-obligation 15-minute call to learn more about your organization, assess your needs, and determine if our capabilities can help you reach your goals. If it makes sense to move on to a deeper conversation, we set up a 45-minute “deep-dive”.



We find out where you truly are in your business. Our Assessment is designed to uncover and understand the mission-critical details that will help your business perform better. This is an essential step needed to lay the foundation in which we work.



We meet with your team virtually to collaborate with your organization on how best to work with us and set a plan of action in motion to execute the tailored solution to specifically meet the needs of your business.



This is where the nuts and bolts begin. It’s impossible to fully define this step, as the seeds are planted in the previous three, and what sprouts from these seeds is different for every company (and that’s the right way to do it – implementation that respects YOUR way of doing things.)



At regular intervals during our engagement, we’ll meet with you for a number of working sessions. During these sessions, we’ll review functionality and set-up, and we’ll cover items that you’ll need to complete before the next consultation. Regular status reports and calls will also help us review your team’s progress.



We stick around, to make sure you have and are using your tools in the most effective and profitable manner possible. We continue to educate, train, and help get you the support you need to keep on track to a successful, more efficient business.

Our ConnectWise Implementation, Consulting & Support Services, Custom Built For Your IT & MSP Business

Connectwise Manage


ConnectWise Manage is the hub that gives an end-to-end view and total control over your IT business. ConnectWise Manage links critical functions of your Sales Teams, Service Operations, and Finance Departments. ConnectWise Manage has been the premier PSA platform for more than 15 years. We have been there since the beginning. Build your business on a solid foundation and let us implement the solution properly.

Connectwise Sell


ConnectWise Sell is the all-in-one, cloud-based proposal software for your IT business that ties into Manage. Create proposals that win and quotes that close with ConnectWise Sell. When connected to Manage Sell will automatically update your sales pipeline accordingly. Seamlessly handoff won sales proposals to service team to deliver. Let us build proposals that win business and deliver on your promise.

Connectwise Automate


ConnectWise Automate is a Remote Monitor & Management tool that helps deliver your IT services. The Automate platform provides powerful automation to discover & manage devices, monitor for problems, and automate the action. Deliver streamlined reactive and proactive managed services, stop putting out fires, and start focusing on what matters most. From Implementation to Management, we have the technical resources to flawlessly execute your vision for your tools.

Our Professional Accounting, Integration & Marketing Services, Custom Built For Your IT & MSP Business


We’ll help you simplify your accounting for customers and reduce the amount of work your staff deals with when accepting payments and answering questions from customers. 


We can integrate SalesForce, InfusionSoft, HubSpot, IT Glue, Desk Director, ConnectBooster, QuickBooks, LinkedIn, MailChimp and many more with ConnectWise.


We provide your IT/MSP business with high quality prospects who are educated on the values your company stands for and the benefits of partnering with you.


We are here to support you, every step of the way. We’ll build a customized onboarding plan together that’s designed to help you reach your most important goals, faster.

ConnectWise Resources

We develop custom how-to guides, helpful platform documentation, and educational content designed to work for IT & MSP business. Check out our library of eBooks, tool kits, infographics, and more to find exactly what you need.
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